Best Shoe Brands As Gifts

No matter if your shoe enthusiast is an avid sneakerhead or a style-obsessed casual dresser, our list of the best shoe brands has something perfect for them. From top sportswear and casual brands to eco-friendly footwear options, they’re sure to find something here they’ll love.

Shoe Storage

Sneakerheads often feel overwhelmed by their vast collection of shoes. To make things easier, Reshoevn8r’s Signature Bundle is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to maximize their space – it comes complete with brushes, cleaning solutions and shoe trees for convenient organization. With Reshoevn8r’s Signature Bundle you won’t just make shoes more accessible but also ensure they remain clean and maintained.

Books for Sneakerheads

A good book about sneakers is always a welcome present. A coffee table book detailing the history of sneakers, an athletic-related style book or memoir from an athlete are all perfect choices to give to that special shoe enthusiast in your life.

Sneakerheads Looking to Showcase Their Collection Like Art

If your closet is filled with an abundance of pairs of sneakers, displaying them on a shoe wall is an excellent way to make everything look cohesive and cool. Neewer offers decals that can make your sneakers stand out from the rest of their decor.

An homage to the iconic Air Jordan series, this print of the 6s is a must-have for any sneakerhead’s wall and sure to draw plenty of admiring glances from other shoe enthusiasts. This large print can hang from any ceiling, perfect for those seeking visual interest without breaking their budget.

Allbirds Footwear

Sneakerheads looking for a sustainable option might consider Allbirds. Their laces are made from recycled plastic water bottles and this New Zealand brand has an emphasis on sustainability and ethical manufacturing – while providing products that are both affordable and long-lasting.

Nisolo Boots

Your shoe-lover will love these handcrafted boots from Nisolo. The company uses sustainable materials in production, and all employees receive fair wages.

These boots are not only super comfortable, but they look great when paired with jeans and a hoodie. Not only will these be an asset to any wardrobe, but they’ll protect your giftee’s favorite pair of sneakers from weather damage too.

Allbirds is proud to be a B Corporation, meaning it adheres to strict standards to guarantee its workers receive fair treatment and use sustainable methods. This type of commitment is essential for those who wish to do their part in saving the planet.


Sneakerheads’ addiction can be overwhelming, but it’s possible to get some help in the obsession department. This futuristic hover-display levitates their favorite sneakers in an impressive display that matches their style perfectly. If your shoe addict loves Instagram, this might just be the ideal gift for them!

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